Scott Woolever

photo of Scott  Woolever

""I know the portrait is nearly finished when I feel a sense of life in it."

- Scott Woolever

Scott Woolever earned his Bachelor’s degree from Washington College and his MFA at the University of Delaware. He continued his studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. For inspiration, he turns to the Hudson River Valley School and the French Barbizon School, as well as Dutch painting and the American Impressionists and Realists.

Though he does standard portraits, his interest in water dogs led him to explore the relationship between owners and their pets in environments familiar to them. Over the years, he has become well versed in the aspects of the hunting and fishing community. Though the majority of his work is done in his studio on the water, he enjoys plein air painting whenever the opportunity presents itself. He enjoys boating, fly-fishing and bird hunting. He also teaches in the Art Department at Washington College and plays the piano in a jazz trio.

His works have appeared in many exhibitions, including one-man shows. His paintings grace homes and collections all over the United States. He resides in the Chesapeake Bay area with his wife and two daughters.

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Selected Commissions & Collections


  • Havemeyer collection
  • DuPont collection
  • McAlpin collection
  • Beck collection
  • del Missier collection
  • Paul Newman Joanne Woodward collection
  • Brown collection
  • Walker collection
  • Duke collection
  • Detchon collection
  • Van Munching collection


Honors & Awards


  • Award of Merit, Society of Animal Artists
  • Award of Excellence, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Selected for National Wildlife illustrations
  • Sporting Wildlife Heritage Exhibitor
  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum exhibitor
  • Featured Gold Room Artist, Easton Waterfowl Festival