Beth Beale

Richmond Associate

photo of Beth Beale  

Beth Beale is a 25-year veteran of portrait paintings, the commission process, and the arts.

She and her husband, Kevin, grew up in Richmond. After her two daughters were born, they started shopping for portraits and discovered their shared interest in art! She began her career in art as a ceramic artist. In 1993 she began her work as a private portrait representative, and coauthored a book called, “The Complete Portrait Guide.” In 1996 she started working with Portraits, Inc as a sales representative. Many copies of her book were bought as training material for portrait brokers.

Over the years she has helped many Virginia families as well as government and corporate committees choose the right artist. At times, she uses her well-developed eye and familiarity with visual elements to help define and express what it is a client truly wants in a portrait. Beth understands the various considerations in choosing an artist and deciding upon the age, the pose as well as background. “That’s my job, she says, “helping a client understand what style and what artist will best satisfy the wishes of everyone involved, and that includes budgetary concerns.”

Beth and her husband Kevin now have seven commissioned portraits in their home.