Neal Portrait of Congressman John Lewis Acquired by Smithsonian

A portrait of the late Congressman John Lewis by Portraits, Inc. Master Artist Michael Shane Neal has been acquired by the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.

Comfort in Creating by Exclusive Artist Liz Lindström

Portraits, Inc. Exclusive Artist Liz Lindstrom reflects on the comfort she draws from creating during difficult times.

Creating portraits during a time of social distance

There are many different reasons why a portrait artist would need to work from a picture, including geographic restraints and social distancing. We have the artists with the skill to pull off an excellent portrait from photographs and any other resources you can provide.

Portraits, Inc. Welcomes New Exclusive Artists Michele Anderson and Mary Qian

Portraits, Inc. Welcomes Two New Exclusive Artists, Michele Anderson and Mary Qian

Live Event Paintings: A Beautiful Keepsake and Exciting Experience

When you hire a Portraits, Inc. artist for a live event painting, you get a precious keepsake of your event and an enchanting experience for your guests.

Capture Candid Moments with a Pastel, Conté or Charcoal Portrait

Commissioning a portrait is a special, exciting opportunity to partner with an artist to create something entirely unique. The medium of a portrait plays a significant role in defining the tone and expression of the work - so how do you choose the perfect medium for yourself and your family?

Two Portraits, Inc. Executives Promoted to New Roles

Portraits, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of two of its executives to new roles within the company.

How to Select the Perfect Medium for Your Portrait

The beauty of a portrait is the way that it can fully and completely capture something genuine and special about its subject.

Portraits, Inc. Hosts Salon 2019

We recently held the Portraits, Inc. Salon in Nashville. This highly-anticipated, three-day gathering of our artists and sales associates from around the country is always the highlight of our year.

Do Something Meaningful: WE THE PEOPLE

Mary Whyte has created a masterful portrait of America through its veterans in her collection WE THE PEOPLE: Portraits of Veterans in America.

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