8th Annual Portraits, Inc. Scholarship Auction, May 15 - 19, 2017

“Successful applicants should be well-rounded persons who have a passion for learning and a desire to make themselves into the best they can be.” Marshall Bouldin, III

This is a goal of the Portraits, Inc. Scholarship Foundation, eloquently stated by Marshall Bouldin III, one of the individuals honored by a named scholarship.

For the past seven years, w
e’ve held an online art auction benefiting our Scholarship Foundation. This year’s auction will be live beginning Monday, May 15th and will run through Friday, May 19th.  Bidders will need to register through the auction site in order to place a bid.

This annual auction is the primary way we fund our scholarship program, in addition to donations made throughout the year in honor of many of our artists, sales associates and clients. We have nearly a dozen outstanding applicants this year and funds raised from the auction are greatly appreciated in order to meet scholarship needs. 

The works at auction are all done by Portraits, Inc. artists, many of whom, in addition to painting masterful portraits, are also extremely talented when it comes to creating other kinds of art as well – landscapes, still life, figure paintings and more. To participate in the auction, they have donated a variety of these non-portrait works.

The Portraits, Inc. Scholarship Foundation (a 501c3 organization) is celebrating its 17th year of granting scholarships to children and grandchildren of our artists.  Over the history of the program, 81 students have been awarded more than $118,000 in scholarships. We hope to add significantly to this total with a successful online auction this year.

Visit the auction site here. Bids start as low as $150, and bidding is open through Friday, May 19th at 2 pm CDT.

Portraits, Inc. was founded in 1942 in New York on Park Avenue. Over its 70-year history, Portraits, Inc. has carefully assembled a select group of the world’s foremost portrait artists offering a range of styles and prices. Recognized as the industry leader, Portraits, Inc. provides expert guidance for discerning clients interested in commissioning fine art portraits.