Fine Art Portrait Paintings: traditional or contemporary, but never out of style

Timeless fine art portraits from Portraits, Inc.

Fine art portraits have a rich and vibrant history, spanning from some of the earliest human societies to the modern day. Regardless of time or culture, portraiture has sought to do much more than simply capture the likeness of a person. Rather, it aims to capture the essence of the subject and to convey something about that person to the viewer.

The Western tradition of portraiture dates back to the Greeks and Romans. Early portraiture captured religious and political figures through sculpture and fresco paintings. As cultures advanced, so too did their art. Many traditional paintings have followed a pattern, and even contemporary paintings harken back to Renaissance styles. To make each portrait unique, artists seek to capture something special about their subject. The divergences from the pattern are part of what makes traditional fine art painting special.

As commerce routes expanded in the 18th and 19th centuries, the middle class grew and so too did the demand for painted portraits. However, the advent of photography in the 20th century changed how many contemporary artists approached portraiture. Rather than striving primarily for realism as before, some portraitists have created work that incorporates their personal artistic style.

Ensure your fine art portrait commission comes from an expert in portraiture.

Timeless fine art portraits from Portraits, Inc.

When considering commissioning a fine art portrait, it is critical that you work with a company that not only has deep roots in portraiture but who are passionate about this timeless art form. Portraits, Inc. was founded in 1942 and carries on the centuries-long tradition of fine art portraiture. We work with individuals, families, and corporations to honor the legacy of an individual through the creation of a fine art portrait. We are the oldest and largest firm of our kind, representing over 100 artists who bridge the gap between traditional fine portraiture and contemporary art. Painted portraits are as timeless and valuable today as ever.

Because of our extensive history, we can offer our clients an unparalleled, seamless experience. Whether you desire an oil painting, a sketch, or a piece using alternative mediums such as glass or copper, our expert associates will match you with your ideal portrait artist. From start to finish, we'll handle all of the details so you can focus on your unique vision for the portrait.

Fine art portrait paintings don't have to be stuffy and formal

Timeless fine art portraits from Portraits, Inc.

Our contemporary portrait artists each have their own method for creating your exquisite work of art. At the first sitting, you and the artist will work closely to develop your vision, most often with a short photography session to obtain reference material upon which the portrait will be based. Some artists require multiple sittings, while others create a sketch at the initial meeting and require no additional sittings. If you're unavailable for a sitting, we can even match you with an artist who can work from photographs to create the final product.

Our expert associates offer a variety of services throughout the commissioning process. We offer suggestions about the attire and setting for your portrait. We also assist clients in selecting the perfect frame and advise on whether you should add a nameplate or plaque to the piece.

We're happy to provide recommendations on hanging, displaying, and lighting the portrait in your home or office. Fine art paintings are in vogue and ought not be relegated to stuffy, aged spaces. The juxtaposition of a painted portrait in a contemporary space or beside contemporary art can breathe new life into a space.

Portraits, Inc. can assist you throughout the life of your portrait by consulting on appraisal and restoration services, as well as assistance photographing or replicating your fine art painting.

Portrait paintings evoke deep, timeless emotions

Timeless fine art portraits from Portraits, Inc.

Fine art portrait painting is neither better nor worse than contemporary portrait photography; the two mediums simply have different purposes and outcomes. Photographs capture a moment in time, whereas a painted portrait strives to preserve something deeper. Fine art portrait paintings capture the true nature of a person in a timeless way that can be cherished by future generations.

Fine art painting is not a static art form. Collaborating closely with an artist allows our clients to create unique, compelling works of art that speak volumes about the work's subject. Your unique vision and what you wish to say to the viewer will determine which style and medium is best suited for your portrait.

We've had the pleasure of working with individuals from all walks of life to commemorate a variety of circumstances. Our artists have completed portraits for heads of state, prestigious professionals, sweet children, and even cherished pets. Whether your portrait is destined for the walls of the White House or the walls of your own home, there is no wrong time to commission a portrait.

If you have a vision that can only be served by a fine art painting, then the right time to commission a piece is now. Request more information on commissioning a fine art portrait, or give us a call at 1-800-476-1223 today.

Founded in 1942, Portraits, Inc. assists families, corporations, and institutions wishing to honor individual legacies with fine art portraits. The oldest and largest firm of its kind, we curate a collection of today's foremost portrait artists, the Portraits, Inc. Collection, which represents an extensive range of styles, mediums, and price points. Portraits, Inc. has gallery locations in Birmingham, Alabama, New York, New York, and Flat Rock, North Carolina, and services clients nationwide through our large network of sales associates.