Live Event Paintings: A Beautiful Keepsake and Exciting Experience



live event painting of bride and groom during their first dance


Your wedding day is, without a doubt, one of the most special events in your life.


Your entire day will be full of emotional experiences that create lifelong memories. When you choose to capture your special day with a live event painting, you not only get a beautiful keepsake of your day, but you also create a precious memory for your guests. We live in a world where so many things come in a package, so it’s very novel and memorable when people have a chance to see something made by hand.


Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with two Portraits, Inc. live event artists, Ronald Bayens and Barbara Davis, to learn about their work and why it’s so special.


Preserve Special Moments with Live Event Paintings


During your event, the artist sets up an easel in a location where he or she can take in the entire event. Traditional portrait sittings are like classical music with a set meter and plan, but live event painting is more like jazz. The artist improvises to capture all of the unexpected, special moments that occur during your event.


An artist can include several treasured moments in a single work so that all of the most special parts of the day are memorialized in one place. The final piece is both a gorgeous piece of art and a precious keepsake because it was created in the midst of your most special day. Your love will be baked into each brushstroke.


When the party is over and the band has gone home, after the cleaning crew has wiped away the last traces of your celebration, you’ll have a treasured painting of your day. A painting captures the emotion of your wedding in a way that no photo can replicate so that you can keep your reception alive forever.



Live Event Painters Entertain and Delight


Hiring a live event painter for your special day may just provide your guests with an extraordinary first-time experience. Live event artist Ronald Bayens recalled several events where the older gentlemen, men who have lived lives full of incredible experiences, found his work intriguing. Often, these gentlemen spend hours behind his canvas, watching his art bloom. These men have reached an age where very few things in their lives are new or unexpected, but watching an artist capture an event as it unfolds provides them with a rare, delightful first-time experience.  


Even your youngest guests will also be enchanted by the entertainment of a live event painter. Children tend to either sit and watch the artist or circle back many times throughout the celebration to keep up with the changes. No matter your guests or their age, live event painting provides a unique entertainment experience that they are unlikely to get any other time in their lives.


What to Expect During Your Commission


Before your wedding, you’ll have a chance to discuss which event from your ceremony or reception is the most important for the artist to capture. Many couples choose their first dance, cutting the cake, or the moment when they say their vows.


After choosing the central focus, the artist will use his or her creativity in the moment to capture the feeling of your celebration. Whether your event will be grand or intimate, the artist will capture the full depth and scale of the celebration. He or she will manipulate the light to create the most beautiful version of the event. If there are certain people who you really want to have included in the painting, the artist can add them.


Whether your day goes off without a hitch or has unexpected surprises, our artists capture the most beautiful moments of your day. Portraits, Inc. artist Barbara Davis shared a story about a couple who turned lemons into lemonade on their wedding day. Right before their reception was set to begin, a thunderstorm, complete with hail, blew into their tent and soaked the electronics, food, and décor. Undeterred, the bride and groom moved their party inside a small plantation house on-site and had their first dance to a lone trumpet.


Even though the dance wasn’t how the couple had intended, it was one of the sweetest moments Barbara had ever seen. She did a quick, small painting to capture the couple’s touching first dance, and also created a full painting of them dancing in their venue as it would have looked without the storm. The couple received a two-fold keepsake — a memorialization of them overcoming their first hurdle as a married couple, and a beautiful image of their reception as they had imagined it.


live event painting of bride and groom dancing during an evening reception

Our Live Event Artists


Both Ronald and Barbara became live event painters almost by accident but fell in love with it during their first experience. What keeps Ronald coming back to live events is being able to provide a first-time experience for guests, and the bride’s reaction when she sees the painting for the first time. Barbara loves to paint the sweet moment of a couple saying their vows, and the pure joy of being around two people in love and knowing that she’s recording one of the most special days of their lives.


Being at a wedding is pure excitement and magic, and a live event painting is the perfect way to capture it.


Capture the Moments that Matter


Live event painting is a wonderful way to capture a wedding, but it’s also an incredible way to capture any of life’s most beautiful moments. Whether it’s a first birthday party, graduation, or retirement, a live event painting is a unique and special keepsake of life’s milestones and precious moments. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about hiring a painter for your wedding or other special celebration. 


Click the video below to see live event painter Ronald Bayens in action.


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