Neal Portrait of Congressman John Lewis Acquired by Smithsonian

Portrait painting of Congressman John Lewis — Michael Shane Neal

We are proud to share that a portrait of the late Congressman John Lewis by Portraits, Inc. Master Artist Michael Shane Neal has been acquired by the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. The painting of the civil rights icon and longtime congressman from Georgia is now on exhibit as part of the Museum's permanent exhibition entitled, "The Struggle for Justice." The portrait is a gift from Jeffery and Cynthia Loring in memory of Congressman John Lewis.

In the Artist's Words

"I chose to paint Lewis against a stark white background as an allusion to the issues he dealt with in America -- issues of black and white, right and wrong. Lewis helped break through that stark wall of injustice and discrimination. I left the edges "unfinished" where the charcoal is still visible to express the unfinished nature of his work."

If you are interested in learning more about Michael Shane Neal or seeing more examples of his work, please visit his page on our website. To commission a portrait by Mr. Neal, please contact us.

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