Portraits, Inc. Partners with Flower Magazine to Present New Show



Portraits, Inc. is proud to partner with flower magazine to present a new exhibition of floral-themed portraits and still lifes:  In Full Bloom:  Master Portraits, Floral Works & Still Lifes.  The exhibition takes due note of the increasing popularity of informal portraits that situate their subjects in pastoral settings—be that a favored chair off in a cozy nook or a sunny garden path awash with spring blossoms.           

These special works, which intentionally blur the distinction between narrative figure painting and formal portraiture, are historically referred to as "conversation pieces" and are sure to become cherished heirlooms in the family art collection.  Portrait artists often employ a looser and more painterly approach for this type of portrait—a style that preserves the work's informality.  Outdoor works, capturing the feeling of flickering light and the warmth of the sun, are ideally suited for this type of impressionistic handling as well. "Conversation pieces" are also particularly well-suited for children's portraiture, as it captures the lightness and spirit of youth.  In Full Bloom will feature wonderful examples of these garden and landscape-setting portraits by a number of Portraits, Inc. artists.

The exhibition will also include more formal portraiture, with works featuring the addition of flowers or a still life arrangement, which lends the work an air of grace and elegance.  Women of all ages are particularly well-suited for this type of composition and a favorite flower or type of floral arrangement adds to the narrative detail of the work--revealing to the viewer more about the personality of the sitter.  Lastly, with some artists, flowers represent flights of symbolist fancy and their addition offers a surreal and highly decorative quality to a portrait.

In addition to portraiture, In Full Bloom will include paintings that depict flowers as the central subject--works which too may be viewed as portrait types.  The artists of such works are all accomplished painters concerned with capturing the likeness and fleeting beauty of a freshly arranged bouquet.  In Full Bloom will be on view in our New York gallery from April 21st through May 26th, 2016, then will travel to our Birmingham, Alabama, gallery where it will be on display beginning June 15th.  For further information about the exhibition, represented artists, or commissioning a portrait, please call 212.258.2233 or e-mail us.