The Portraits, Inc. Collection

Portraits, Inc. is the premier portrait agency in business today and has been since its founding in 1942. Much of our success is because we've been fortunate to cultivate an incredible roster of artists, whom we proudly refer to as the Portraits, Inc. Collection. Our artists are experts in the field of commissioned portraiture. Clients choose to work with Portraits, Inc. to create their cherished works of art because they know that they're getting the best of the best.


So, what does it take to become a member of the Portraits, Inc. Collection?


Becoming an Artist in the Portraits, Inc. Collection


Every artist in the Portraits, Inc. Collection is thoroughly vetted. An open call for new artists is held every few years and a panel of staff members, current artists, and sales associates looks over each candidate's portfolio. We seek artists with a mature, consistent body of work who have the technical skill and experience to capture a good likeness of our clients. We also look for artists who fill a niche not currently served by other artists in the Portraits, Inc. Collection.


Having other Portraits, Inc. artists on our selection panel is essential to finding the right new artists. While an emerging artist may have a handful of strong examples, a consistent body of work is important for working with clients on commissions. Upon selecting an artist, our clients need to have an accurate idea of what to expect from their chosen artist.


Portraits, Inc. exclusive artist Dawn Whitelaw has spent years teaching and mentoring new artists while creating beautiful portraits and other figurative work for clients. One thing that she sees as an essential skill for any new Portraits, Inc. artist is the ability to paint anatomically-correct subjects. "Photographs can often skew a subject's body," Whitelaw says. "Our culture is so accustomed to looking at a photographic image that they don't register that something is not quite right. But an artist picks up on that."


Distinguishing between a fair artist and a great one often takes the discerning eye of another artist. Someone who has spent years focusing on the details that make a strong portrait can more easily identify whether those same qualities exist in the work of a contemporary. This is why we rely on the guidance of our own artists in selecting new ones to add to the Portraits, Inc. Collection.


Painted portrait of a young girl in a white dress sitting in front of a piano.


Benefits of Working with Portraits, Inc.


Not only are our artists exceptional at their craft, but we also have sales associates who work to ensure that the commission experience goes off without a hitch. This begins with the proper pairing of the right artist with subject. When identifying the best artist for each project, our sales associates consider style, personalities of both artist and client, time frame, and budget.


Our sales associates take care of all of the logistics of the commissioning process so that each artist can focus on what he or she does best. When our artists can live in the creative space of their art rather than the logistics of the business side, they can create better works. By carefully managing the process, we are able to deliver an experience that is seamless, enjoyable, and stress-free.


Whether our clients choose to work with a longtime Portraits, Inc. artist or a newer member of our team, they can rest assured that their artist will be a master of his or her craft. Select a Portraits, Inc. Collection artist for your cherished portrait, and we guarantee your experience will be an unforgettable one.


About Portraits, Inc.:


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