What Age is Best for a Child’s Portrait


Kids grow up too fast. It seems as if almost overnight, they go from crawling to walking across the stage at their college graduation. If your photo albums are bursting at the seams and your cell phone is packed with snapshots but none of them seem to capture who your child really is, preserve something deeper and more meaningful with a painted portrait.


A fine art painting or drawing captures not just a moment in your child’s life, but a phase of his or her development. Children change and grow every single day, but a portrait captures their personality and the uniqueness of their current stage of life in a thoughtful, significant way that you’ll cherish from toddlerhood to adulthood and beyond.


What Age is Best for a Portrait?


As is true for any portrait, the right time to commission your child’s painting is the moment you feel compelled to capture his or her current stage of life. Portraits, Inc. exclusive artist Jennifer Welty believes there’s no wrong time because “there’s beauty in every age and in every person.” A very popular time to commission a portrait is when a child is on the cusp of toddlerhood to young childhood, generally around four to five years old.


Teenagers are challenging because they aren’t sure who they are yet, and sometimes they can be withdrawn and self-conscious. However, as the teen begins to relax throughout the sitting, the artist can discover something deep, authentic, and special about your child. Portraits, Inc. owner Beverly McNeil believes that “sometimes the worst time is the right time,” because an artist can capture the beauty, confidence, and strength that a teen may not see in him or herself.


The only caveat is that if your child is wearing braces, you may want to wait until he or she has them removed. Braces often change the shape of your child’s mouth, which affects the outcome of the piece. If you’re considering a portrait and your child will soon have braces, try to do your sitting before they’re put on.



Mediums for Youth Portraits


The medium that you choose for your child’s portrait will depend upon the formality and emotion that you want to evoke, as well as where you intend to hang it. A fine art painting would be beautiful in a formal area, but it would also work perfectly in an informal setting. Children’s portraits seem to have a lightness about them because of the innocence of the subjects, so they go splendidly with any style of home décor.


Conté and charcoal drawings of children capture something raw and pure that a photograph simply cannot. Drawings feel more candid and fleeting than a painting, and yet they preserve something deeper and more meaningful than a snapshot. Leaving the edges unfinished and raw is a beautiful way to fully express that your child is a “work-in-progress” as he or she learns, grows, and changes.



Preparing Your Child for the Sitting


To make the most of your family and the artist’s time, be sure to talk with your child about the significance of having his or her portrait done. Especially with small children, prepare them so they know what to expect during the sitting and they begin to look forward to their portrait. Sitting for an artist can be somewhat intimidating, but kids do great if they’re expecting the sitting and excited about their special portrait.


Artist Jennifer Welty’s process is to take photographs with a remote so that the child forgets about the camera. After the sitting, she pours over the photos to find the nuances of the child’s personality. Often, the expression she chooses to paint comes from a moment when the child is pausing to consider a question she asked or when they are excitedly telling her about something that they love.


Capture A Special Time in Your Child’s Life


A fine art painting is something that you and your child will both cherish. Little children are always so proud of their portrait and love to show it off to everyone they can, especially if their older siblings have had a portrait done and now it’s their turn.


If you feel an urgency to capture who your child is now before he or she changes, set up an appointment with Portraits, Inc., and begin the commissioning process.


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