When is the Right Time to Commission a Portrait

What images come to mind when you think of a fine art portrait? Is it a child? A proud retiree at the end of his or her career? A family lovingly interacting with each other? Many portraits commemorate milestones, but life’s major highlights are not the only times you might want to commission a fine art portrait.



Traditional portraiture, as created by Renaissance greats and modern practitioners alike, seeks to make a statement about who a person is. Portraiture is an investment that often becomes a family tradition because those who have a beloved painting in their family are likely to invest in additional portraits. The value of a portrait is something that people can’t truly appreciate until they’ve had one commissioned for a loved one.


Deciding to commission a portrait is a highly individual decision, but there’s really never a wrong time. If you feel like it’s time, then it’s time.


A portrait is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you and your family will cherish for generations because it captures a special phase of the subject’s life. You can’t quantify a portrait’s value in dollars and cents; its value can only be determined by those who love the person depicted in the painting. The “wow” factor of a portrait isn’t the cost of its creation; it’s the fact that a beautiful piece of art came into existence because your loved one exists.



What Makes a Portrait Valuable?


Portraiture and photography are both wonderful vehicles to capture the moments and people we love, but they do so in very different ways. A snapshot captures just that, a single second of someone’s life. On the other hand, a painted portrait is a longer, more profound process that captures the special characteristics of your loved one.


What Portraits, Inc. exclusive artist Jennifer Welty loves about portraits is that “when you first look at any human being, our culture tends to size them up: are they beautiful or not? But with portraiture, you get to study that human being, that person, and invariably there’s something beautiful, at least so far that I’ve found, in every single human.”


Creating an outstanding portrait takes time and each artist has his/her own process. Jennifer usually takes hundreds of photos of her subjects (often children) and pores over them to discover little nuances of their personalities. What captivates her and sparks her creativity might be a pensive look on a boy’s face when he answers one of her questions or the way a girl twirls in her favorite dress. Through her study, Jennifer finds something authentic and genuine in her subjects, which allows her to capture her subject’s true beauty on her canvas.



In a fine art painting, an artist can capture a version of your loved one that you’ll never see again. What you invest in is a portrait that captures the personality of someone you love; it’s a memory that you can admire and cherish forever.


Preparing for Your Portrait


A beautiful portrait is the result of collaboration with a chosen artist, and each portrait is entirely unique. You can work with your artist to determine the ideal pose, background, and attire for the painting. We recommend classic rather than trendy attire, in most instances, to keep your portrait timeless.


There is no wrong time for a portrait. You don’t have to hit a traditional milestone; wanting to capture your loved one as they are today is enough. Whether you’re commemorating someone’s career or it’s just another Wednesday, it’s an excellent day to commission a fine art painting.


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