The Process

You have come to the perfect place to begin your search for a commissioned portrait. At Portraits, Inc., we have assisted clients with every facet of fine art portraiture since 1942. When you work with us, you will find that the process of commissioning a portrait is simple and convenient. You will select from among the world’s top portrait artists, and we will handle every detail along the way.

Our trained staff and one of our professional sales associates, located across the country, will guide you in selecting a portrait artist, coordinate the sitting(s), and assist you in the completion of your portrait with framing, presentation, and installation.

From initial consultation to delivery, the commissioned portrait process generally takes between three and nine months, but varies depending on the artist selected and the complexity of the project. Here is a brief overview of the process:

Initial Consultation and Artist Selection: One of our sales associates will meet with you to discuss your expectations for the portrait. If you are unable to meet with an associate in person, customized presentations can be prepared and sent to you when necessary. Your sales associate can guide you to the most appropriate portrait artist, taking into consideration your preferences, time frame, and budget.

First Sitting: After you select a portrait artist, he or she will travel to your desired location for a sitting. (Many artists will also work from a photograph that you provide when circumstances preclude a sitting.) Prior to the sitting, you will discuss the details of the project with the artist, including the overall tone of the portrait, composition, attire, and eventual location where the portrait will be hung. Then, the subject will be asked to pose for a certain length of time. This is an exciting experience involving photography, sketches, color studies, and important artist/client communication. Some artists require more time during the sitting than others. The client and artist together will decide on the best pose and composition for the portrait.

Development of the Portrait: After the sitting, the artist returns to his/her studio to continue working on the portrait. Your sales associate and artist will communicate with you frequently throughout the process to keep you apprised of the progress as the portrait takes shape.

Final Sitting: Once the portrait has reached its final stages, some artists require a final sitting to make color adjustments as well as any other requested changes.

Delivery: Once completed, your portrait is either shipped or personally delivered. Your sales associate can provide valuable assistance with framing, presentation, and installation of your completed portrait.