Inquiring Artists

Thank you for your interest in Portraits, Inc.

We are always interested in adding new talent to our roster of artists, and we invite you to submit your work to us during our annual review period during the month of June. Our selections are made with the goal of maintaining the highest standards of artistic excellence, and to ensure that we offer the strongest variety of styles, mediums, and price ranges to our clients. Because we are an active business, it is impossible to give initial reviews of artists' portfolios in person or by phone. A Portrait Review Board comprised of staff, top sales associates, and current artists meets once annually during the summer to look at submissions by prospective artists.

To submit your work for review, please send the following to before Friday, June 30th:

  • 7-10 examples of your most recent portraits via a zip folder titled with your first and last name. Include in the folder a list of the works being submitted with the medium and size of each portrait. Portraits may be of people, animals, or architecture. Images of non-portrait work (illustrations, genre scenes, figure studies, etc.) should be sent in addition to, not instead of, your portrait examples. Please include reference photographs of your subjects whenever possible to show the quality of the likenesses.
  • Your biography listing education, exhibition history, awards, and any articles published. Please include your website.
  • Your current price list and a description of your working methods. Prices submitted should reflect a 60% (artist) - 40% (agency) arrangement.
  • Please list the number of portraits you are able to paint in a year, your turnaround time from first sitting to delivery, and any other agencies/agents who currently represent your portrait work.
  • Place on the subject line of your email ARTIST REVIEW.
  • A $25 application fee must be included with each portfolio in order to be reviewed.

Payments can be made by check or credit card.

Call 1-800-476-1223 to pay by credit card or mail your check to:

Portraits, Inc.
Attn: Artist Review
P.O. Box 131384
Birmingham, AL 35213

Please be assured that we will give your portfolio our careful consideration. Applicants will be notified of our decision by mid-August.