Additional Portrait Services


In addition to having a close working relationship with top framers in our New York gallery and around the country, we have on hand a number of frame samples made especially with portraits in mind. From antique and period frames to contemporary classics, we can help you select the perfect portrait frame for any budget.


Nameplates or plaques identify the subject and/or artist. Plaques range from a simple brass plate to a custom-made, hand-painted gilt wood plaque. Portraits, Inc., can guide you in selecting the appropriate plaque and wording.

Presentation and Installation:

Once your portrait has been completed, we can advise you on the best location for the portrait’s display, hanging devices, and lighting. Expert advice is available for installing your work of art, from placement on a wall to correct lighting and even security options for works in public spaces. Portraits, Inc., can also help oversee all the details of an unveiling and presentation ceremony for corporate and institutional portraits.

Appraisal Services Available Upon Request:

We are always happy to provide a complimentary update on the value of any portrait by an artist currently represented by Portraits, Inc. This valuation is for insurance purposes only. For artists no longer represented or those who are deceased, we will be happy to recommend an outside appraiser in your area.

At Portraits, Inc., our relationship with our clients continues even after the completion of the portrait itself. Our clients have come to rely on our expertise in the following areas as well:

Artwork Care, Maintenance, & Restoration:

Art collectors have come to rely on our expert guidance to care for their collections. Our staff understands the value of archival care and that each artwork has its own specific needs. Ask us how to prevent damage or clean and maintain your artwork. As a result of aging or trauma, there are times when a work of art requires restoration. With our access to professional conservators, Portraits, Inc., has helped restore a wide variety of artwork, from paintings and drawings to photographs and sculptures. Let Portraits, Inc., advise you on the appropriate steps to bringing your fine art back to life.

Photographic Reproductions and Replicas:

Photographing fine art is an art in itself. Portraits, Inc., uses the finest photographers to document artworks. Photographic reproductions are available in any size. Clients can give these high-quality prints to family and friends. Portraits, Inc., also represents a number of replica specialists who can create exact copies of any portrait, landscape, or still life in any medium.