"For those looking to have a portrait done, the most central resource is Portraits, Inc."
-The Wall Street Journal

"I love my painting, my child loves his portrait, and I will cherish it forever. Thanks for making such an investment so easy."
- Melissa, Greensboro, NC

"Our experience was so positive that I have commissioned to have four more portraits done."
- Dorothy, Philadelphia, PA

"The prospects of having my portrait painted were rather daunting, but you soon found a way to make it very easy and comfortable for me. I actually enjoyed the process."
- Joseph L. Molder, Headmaster Emeritus, Westover School, Middlebury, CT

"Everything about the entire process was first rate."
- Dan, Upperco, MD

"We feel we have been given masterpieces."
- Holley and David, Birmingham, AL

"Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable – I can’t imagine what could have made the process better."
- Serena, New York, NY

"My associate and artist were totally responsive, informed, and caring."
- Jim, Columbus, OH

"This is the best money I have ever spent."
- Richard, Columbia, SC