Capture Candid Moments with a Pastel, Conté or Charcoal Portrait

Commissioning a portrait is a special, exciting opportunity to partner with an artist to create something entirely unique. The medium of a portrait plays a significant role in defining the tone and expression of the work - so how do you choose the perfect medium for yourself and your family?

How to Select the Perfect Medium for Your Portrait

The beauty of a portrait is the way that it can fully and completely capture something genuine and special about its subject.

Portraits, Inc. Hosts Salon 2019

We recently held the Portraits, Inc. Salon in Nashville. This highly-anticipated, three-day gathering of our artists and sales associates from around the country is always the highlight of our year.

Do Something Meaningful: WE THE PEOPLE

Mary Whyte has created a masterful portrait of America through its veterans in her collection WE THE PEOPLE: Portraits of Veterans in America.

The Power of the Gaze: How Artists Evoke Emotion Through the Eyes

The gaze gives an artist power to evoke feelings, to share a perspective, to bring the viewer into an intimate relationship, and much more.

Pet Portraits: A Timeless Way to Memorialize Our Companions

Painted portraits are a special, timeless way to memorialize the animal companions who hold such a dear place in our families.

The Portraits, Inc. Collection

Portraits, Inc. is the premier portrait agency in business today and has been since its founding in 1942. Much of our success is because we've been fortunate to cultivate an incredible roster of artists, whom we proudly refer to as the Portraits, Inc. Collection. Our artists are experts in the field of commissioned portraiture. Clients choose to work with Portraits, Inc. to create their cherished works of art because they know that they're getting the best of the best.

When is the Right Time to Commission a Portrait

Fine art paintings commemorate a special moment in your loved one's life, so there is no wrong time to commission a portrait.

Bring Out the Best in Your Portrait with the Perfect Frame and Lighting

Framing and lighting bring out the very best in a fine art painting. Whether your portrait is traditional or modern, our experts guide you to the ideal arrangement.

What Age is Best for a Child’s Portrait

There's beauty in every age. Preserve your child's unique personality with his or her very own portrait so that you can cherish this age for decades to come.

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